Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So sleepy that I can barely watch tv

I'm very tired; I had my bone scan starting early today. I have a hard time staying still during this half-hour scan because I twitch a lot so I took a Ativan in hopes that I wouldn't twitch quite so much. I think I did twitch less (I still twitched) but the Ativan left me very, very tired. I slept for the greater part of the afternoon and into this evening... and I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open, even now.

So although I'd planned to do some sewing-related activities today, all I managed to do was watch the finale to the latest cycle of America's Next Top Model (ANTM). This cycle was all about the petite (under 5' 8") model to show that models don't necessarily need to be tall.

I like ANTM because the contestants all seem real, with different body types. Plus, they're not allowed to smoke - and since it seems all of the people on reality shows smoke, it's a nice change. I also like seeing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, like how they set up for the shoots and teach them different skills and whatnot. And of course I love the modeling itself. The concepts don't always interest me but seeing the models pose and their final photographs is cool.

I'm not going to tell you who won this cycle; you'll have to watch it yourself or look it up if you want to know. I will say that the model who won was the one that I thought had the most talent and the best, most interesting photographs. I'd hoped that she would win, and I'm very happy that she did.

Tomorrow: sewing of some sort. For sure.

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Beth said...

Chantelle, I hope you get good news regarding your bone scan. I will keep you in my prayers.

ANTM, I love that show! My children and I were happy with the winner as well.

momgoingcrazy from YSC