Monday, November 09, 2009

Shopping adventures

Once every three months or so I get to go to Oakville for a doctor's appointment. While I'm there, I always try to take the time to do a little shopping. There's a StyleSense nearby that I love to visit because it's a shoe store... and oh, how I love shoes.

I can't wear high heels anymore so I have to pass by most of the gorgeous shoes at the store. Very high heels are in style these days and I love them so, so, so much. I love the look of them, the sleek heel with the beautifully shaped arch and footbed. They're so curvy and beautiful... sigh. Even if I did have a place to wear such beautiful shoes (which I don't, since I'm not working), I couldn't wear them because high heels don't go well with a cane. :(

I'm also looked around at winter boots. I'm on the lookout for a good pair of warm, black, winter boots. Most of the boots I saw were dressy and I really want something a little more practical. You know, with a good tread. And warm. The warmer boots all looked kind of ugly, kind of like old lady boots. I may need a cane, and I may not be that young, but I don't want to wear old lady boots.

So I didn't find any great shoes or any winter boots today.

Happily, I did find *three* pairs of jeans today: two pairs of dark wash jeans and one pair of black cords! I know the cords aren't all that practical because they'll wear out, but I like the look of them. I've been searching for new jeans for quite a while because the one pair of jeans that fit me are wearing out. I was beginning to think that I wouldn't find any new jeans, let alone three pairs! So even though I found no shoes or boots today, I consider today's shopping adventure a success.

When I got back to Waterloo, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things.... and I'm pretty sure I left my cane in the shopping cart. I remember putting the cane in the cart when I started shopping, but it wasn't in the car when I got home. Oops. I'm not too upset, though, because I'm still basking in the glow of finding three pairs of jeans in one store. :)

It just occurred to me - wouldn't it be nice if losing my cane meant that I could wear the delicious high heels that I love so much? I know, I know, there's no way that could happen because it isn't the cane that is the limiting factor (it's my back), but a shoe-loving girl can dream.


Anonymous said...

I love heels also, but don't walk very lady like in them...I've lost count of the amount after one attempted wear, that end up in a charity bag...

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog today while searching for belly dance stuff... wow... you have been through a lot.

Kudos to you girl! You are the same age as me but is worlds ahead of me in so many ways.

Cheers! -H

Chantelle said...

Thanks, H! I appreciate your comment :)

If you're interested in making your own bellydance costumes, I have several books that I'd be willing to part with for cheap. Please email me if you're interested; my email address is in my profile.

Enjoy your bellydance adventures!