Thursday, November 15, 2007

An unexpected start to the day

I'd planned to sleep in a little bit today although I should have gotten up a little bit earlier :) Anyways, I was snoozing with the alarm around 10:30am this morning when the doorbell rang. Of course I didn't bother to go and see who it was because I was still mostly asleep. The person knocked and rang the doorbell again and I continued to ignore it.

I was ready to go back to sleep when the people ringing the doorbell actually came inside! I'm sure you can imagine how surprised I was. You see, the property management company arranged to have bathroom fans installed in the upstairs bathroom - previously, we'd had to open the window which is not so fun in the winter. Anyways, they wanted the work done quickly so they gave the workers a master key for all of the units.

Fortunately, Ian had closed the bedroom door when he left so I had time to dress decently and go down to greet the workers. Whew!

The property manager did email that these people were going to be coming (although we should have received written notice that this was happening, I think). I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea that these workers can just come in without being accompanied by anyone working at the property management company. You know? I'm sure the workers are bonded or something but it still leaves me feeling weird. At least I was home.


Darling Jee said...

I complained once about the same sort of thing in my building. Because I'm a tenant and not the landlord, I somehow seem to get missed on the communications. They seem to be getting better with slipping a notice under the door now. But there have been a few times when people have been in the apartment and moved things around which is a bit spooky to come home to or they leave lights on. First time it happened I thought I was getting Alzheimers! I have an antique sign in front of the furnace that says "Beware Pickpockets and Loose Women" and when they came in to service the furnace last winter, they put the sign on the coffee table and didn't put it back. It was a bit creepy.

Tibcat said...

I checked your Ontario Residential Tenancies Act and you are correct - you are entitled to 24 hrs written notice, except for emergencies or when you give permission at the time of entry.

I would certainly bring it to the attention of your landlord that you are not, and cannot, waive your rights under the Act (nicely though)

Your can read the whole act at Unlike some provinces, Ontario's is written in simple clear language and does not read like legalese.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

As icky as it is, could it be possible that the email informing you of the work to be done was considered written notice?

And I love you :)

Chantelle said...

At least these guys didn't move the furniture! I suspect that the property manager thought that the email WAS the 24 hours written notice, yes. Too bad Ian didn't get a copy of the email.

Ian figures that our best bet (since emails I send her wind up in the spam folder and she doesn't always read them) is to call her or send her an actual letter. And then call the Residential Tenancies people.

I may do that or I may just let it slide because it's pretty stressful to get involved in this kind of dispute and I'm stressed enough these days. Thanks for the info and support, everyone!