Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sewing, sewing, sewing

I've been making good progress on the custom laptop bag. I have one component left to finish - the removable sleeve - and then I need to start assembling the final product. I'm quite impressed with me for starting it early, working on it even when I didn't feel like it, and doing a pretty good job to date. I hope the removable sleeve works out well, too. I'm looking forward to this being done.

Mostly I want this project done because I want to do some other sewing and I can't in all conscience do that until I've finished this. I want to: make a skirt for the bellydance recital; line the pre-purchased top I'm going to wear for the recital; and make a dress out of the gorgeous silver fabric.

In case I have not gushed about this fabric yet, let me do that now... it's made of a metallic thread woven together with a white thread in a plain weave. It has a similar hand (that is, drape and feel) as silk charmeuse and it looks just like liquid metal. It holds a crease reasonably well but doesn't wrinkle too easily. Ian says it's sparkly and shiny - which is it, I guess, but I love love love love this fabric anyways. I think it would be perfect for a New Year's Eve dress if I can get it finished in time. Since this fabric is so over the top, I am thinking that I'd like something simple out of it, but I'm not exactly sure what style of dress would be best. Since it's like charmeuse, I should be able to get something nice out of it :)

I also have a similar fabric, except that the white threads are thicker and the metal threads form an irregular fringe on the fabric. Now THAT is shiny! This fabric is quite stiff and doesn't drape well - almost like a canvas. But sparklier :) I'd love to make just a simple sheath dress out of it, or else a fancy coat or capelet.

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