Friday, November 16, 2007

A short day

I'd planned to get up really early in order to both cut out the messenger bag pieces and to do some shopping. I ended up sleeping in until 12:30pm, though, so I did no cutting. I did manage to get some foam for the laptop portion of the bag. I went to The Foam Store where I got 1/2" high-density foam and 1/4" Volara foam. The latter is apparently used for protective packaging and I think it'll be perfect for the removable sleeve for the laptop.

Plus, the foam was cheap!!!! It cost only about $17 including tax for everything. This store has a lot of memory foam as well, if you're looking for that.

Later on I had to stop curling. The pain is coming up again. I've started a new exercise program and it might be that one of the new exercises is bothering me. Or it might be that the mets are actually growing/hurting again. It's weird because there are new spots that hurt, and these spots seem to be on the cartilage connecting the ribs and sternum or on the ribs near the sternum.

I talked to the people at Well-fit and we're going to modify the exercise that's bothering me. If I don't see a change by the end of next week, I'll call the pain and symptom management doctor - she said to call if the pain went up again as we'll try another painkiller.

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