Thursday, November 01, 2007

A lonely day

Ian's been gone a few days now and I'm starting to feel a bit lonely. Normally I like being on my own for a while as I'm an introvert by nature and I lived by myself for a long time. I do love living with Ian and spending time with him ... but I love being by myself, too. Usually I don't start to get lonely like this until at least a week or so after he's gone.

I'm finding myself sort of puttering around here and there doing little bits of things. The place seems too big for just me; I can't seem to fill it. I try and follow the routines we have (except for the exact bedtime time - when Ian's not here I stay up later), but they're not the same without him.

I guess that part of the reason I'm feeling this way is that the pain is up a little bit and there's no one to be whiny to. :) Seriously, when the pain is up I get a lot of comfort from being with Ian. I'm also quite tired; I worked out at Well-fit today instead of yesterday because yesterday was Halloween, and I had bellydancing class, and I curled tonight.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day - I'll sleep in, take it easy, and generally enjoy myself :)

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