Saturday, January 06, 2007

A movie day

I got to sleep and sleep and sleep today :) It was very nice. I still feel weak and tired, but at least I got to get some really good rest.

When I wasn't sleeping, we watched more movies. We've been on a horror-movie streak, and that continued today. We started off with The Descent. I really liked this movie, not only because it was about a group of six women :). The story - women go spelunking in an unexplored set of caves and meet up with some creatures that live there - was pretty good. The climbing in the movie looked very real, too. The sets were also very well done. It really looked like they were in a cave system - rocks can quite frequently look like styrofoam in movies, but they looked real in this one. It was also a very spooky movie. I don't want to give away the plot, but some aspects were quite scary and made me jump. We liked this one and would recommend it. There is quite a bit of gore, though, so be prepared.

Later on, we watched Dog Soldiers, directed by Neil Marshall, the same fellow that directed "The Descent". It was pretty good, too. I've heard it called a very scary movie, and it was kinda scary. I had trouble paying attention during the military parts (my mind shuts off), but if you wait it gets even better. It also didn't just have helpless people, like they usually do in a horror movie, which was nice. Overall, it was quite good. We would recommend this movie, too. Again, it's a pretty gory movie in parts.

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