Sunday, January 14, 2007

A fun relaxing Sunday

Today we watched Thank You for Smoking. It's a satirical comedy about a lobbyist for the tobacco industry. Part of the impact from this movie comes from the lobbyist's 12-year-old son, who of course tries to emulate his dad in every way. The situation with his son is sort of tragic, but funny, too. I especially liked the movie sets; anything related to the tobacco industry was decorated in shades of brown. This technique was quite effective. We'd recommend this movie if you're in the mood for some intellectual comedy.

I'm starting to feel a bit better after being sick, although I'm still very tired. I think that even though the antibiotics are helping, I won't go to Well-fit tomorrow. Aside from being tired, I'm worried that I might still be infectious, and I don't want to take the chance of making someone ill - there are chemo patients there, after all. I expect to be able to go to my spirituality and healing group on Tuesday and my Well-fit on Wednesday.

My increased pain meds are definitely giving me a reduction in pain - yay! However, with the increased pain meds comes lots of uncontrollable hiccups. They get worse whenever I've increase my painkillers, and they show up after I eat. Yeah, they're as fun as you think they are :) When we rented the movies the other day I had the hiccups, and the guy helping us could barely stifle his giggles. Ian tried to make up some story about how the guy was laughing at something else, but I knew it wasn't true.

Oh, the joys of having cancer. The fun never seems to end :)

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