Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I am a hermit

You'd think that I would actually leave the house, wouldn't you? Well, not yet. I'm feeling a bit like a hermit, that's for sure. I didn't feel well enough to go to my spirituality and healing group, so I stayed home. I'm still really tired and a little weak. I'm not sleeping all that well, either - or at least, I can't sleep for more than 8 hours in a row. Then I wake up because my shoulders or back hurt. I suspect that this is the Femara joint pain that I was worried about. I wake up and hobble around like an old lady for a half-hour or so, after which I feel better.

I see my family doctor tomorrow, and then we'll come back right away for Ian's office hour and my Well-fit. I'm definitely going to that tomorrow. I've also got my young women's support group tomorrow evening and we're playing games after that. So I guess I'm making up for my hermit-like tendencies with a very busy and very long (but almost all fun) day tomorrow :)

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