Thursday, January 25, 2007

Doctor's appointment

Today was another one of those big days. I had a brief nap on the way to the doctor's, but aside from that I was awake from 8:15am until 10pm. Of course I had a cup of coffee and a Diet Coke. I'm exhausted now, though.

My doctor is not going to put me on Wellbutrin right now as he doesn't want to put me on too many more drugs, although I will stay on the Cipralex. If I take the Cipralex at night, it doesn't make me as sleepy as if I took it in the morning. Plus I feel better already since I've been taking it - I haven't cried once or been unreasonably angry since I started it, and I've definitely been happier, too. My doctor said that I should try not taking the clonazepam at night to see whether or not I'll end up less tired during the day. I take increased Oxycodone at night which definitely helps me sleep, so maybe I don't also need the clonazepam to help me sleep :).

My doctor is also giving me Celebrex for my back pain. The bone scan showed an area of degeneration on some of my lower vertebrae (L5-S1), and that area hurts a LOT when I wake up after sleeping for 12 or 13 hours. I'd thought that I just had a stiff back because I sleep on my back now, but there's actually damage there that is causing the pain. At least it isn't cancer.

After all that, I managed to hem a skirt I bought in the summer. It's a black pencil skirt and has needed hemming (although I've worn it anyways) since I bought it. It looks even better now :)

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