Thursday, January 11, 2007

A big day

I saw my family doctor today because I wanted to talk to him about a few things.

For the last month or so I've had a LOT of abdominal pain and nausea after I eat. This usually happens after I eat breakfast but can happen after any meal. It has been bad enough that on some days, all I can do is curl up and try to sleep. My doctor thinks that I might have an ulcer or maybe gastritis. Oh joy. He's given me Nexium.... as if I don't take enough pills in one day :). I really, really hope that the Nexium works. I don't like having to go back to bed after I eat because my tummy hurts. It's also hard to make myself eat if I know my tummy will hurt afterwards.

You might also remember that I've been thinking about increasing my pain meds. Well, my doctor is going to do that. He's having me take two of my 40mg Oxycodone pills every 6 hours, and I have a prescription for 80mg Oxycodone when I'm finished the pills I have. So no driving for a little while, until the amount of Oxycodone I take is stable again. He says that I have to be pain free (both in my tummy and in my mets). I've been far from pain-free for quite some time. If I have pain next week, I have to go back to see him.

It was a very busy doctor's appointment. Usually he only wants each patient to talk about one or two issues.... and I wasn't finished yet :) I asked him about my voice and my scratchy throat, and it turns out that I have some kind of infection. Yes. Not only might I have an ulcer, and I've got pain from my mets, but I have an infection. Some would say that I'm a mess :) The infection is probably the reason why I feel so crappy and tired. He's given me Clavulin to take 3 times a day for 10 days. I hope that this antibiotic doesn't make my tummy hurt.

Finally, my doctor got a copy of my xrays from last week and they didn't show anything. That means that if I have a new met in my femur, it's small enough to not show up on xray. This is good, because it means that even if I have a new met, my leg isn't in danger of breaking. Of course it could be that the problem isn't a met at all.... we'll see. They couldn't get the bone scan results because that department wasn't answering its phone. I'll get those results some other time.

And that's it :) At least I know why I've felt pretty awful for the last little while. I must say that I'm pretty tired and cranky now. I'm afraid that I was quite mean and cranky with the pharmacist when I picked up all the prescriptions. I know I shouldn't have been, but, well, I'm not always nice. Especially when I find out that I might have an ulcer, that I have an infection, and that the first scans don't support my claim that something is wrong with my leg, all in one day. I hope tomorrow is better.


Anonymous said...

Sweet jesus.

Go. To. Bed. Now. And. Stay. There. So. That. You. Can. Heal.

It's an order. Love,

Darling Jee said...

My tummy hurts too! Your pain tolerance must be much higher than mine. Plus, you have such a positive outlook on everything. Whereas all I seem to do is grumble about how much it hurts!