Friday, January 26, 2007

A long day waiting at home

So we spent all day waiting for the phone guy to arrive. It turns out that he never had to come in because the problem was definitely on their end. Yep, we knew that - but we waited anyways. They have to switch the line but it was too late to do that by the time he got there. We have a hum on the line now (until they switch the line), but at least we can both make and receive calls. Yay! Connections with the outside world are restored!

Apparently if we have problems after they switch the line, we should call the internet helpline and not the phone helpline. Because our high-speed internet is supplied by our phone company, apparently our telephone line is more complicated and needs a high-speed internet technician to work with it.

I managed to get some more hemming and stuff done, too. My curling pants were too loose on the back waist and they had a tendency to creep downwards. This was bad, because during my rock delivery I would end up showing the skin on my back (and sometimes giving a flash of my undies). I don't have to tell you that this made me a little uncomfortable, do I? :) I fixed the problem by adding elastic to the back waist which tightens the pants there. The end result doesn't look too dorky, and the pants definitely fit better. It's good to get the sewing machine out again.

Oh yeah, and I tried to sleep without the clonazepam last night and had a crappy night's sleep. As much as I don't want to think that I'm addicted to something to help me sleep, well, I'll take the clonazepam tonight. I need my sleep, I really do. I don't think that I can really help heal myself of the cancer unless I'm well-rested.

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