Friday, June 03, 2011

Our basement

I tell you, red carpet posts take a lot of time. I'm still working on the Cannes posts but I wanted to take a break to talk about the house.

A week or so ago, after all the rain, we noticed a wet smell in the basement. We set up a dehumidifier, which eventually took away the humidity away but then we were left with a sour smell. As we were deciding what to do and who to call, we had the air conditioner checked. The guy looked around the basement and mentioned that we should have another vent over .... there. Ian checked under the ceiling tile and lo and behold, there was a vent there.

The "professionals" who finished the basement closed and covered up the vent, leaving not enough vents in the large open area in the basement. They also didn't put in any air returns, meaning that there's no air circulation down there. A buildup of humidity and a sour smell would naturally follow.

Sigh. We're going to need to get someone in to get some air circulation in the basement. This just goes to show that a pretty surface can certainly cover up something ugly and incomplete.

More red carpet posts are on their way :)

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