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65th Tony Awards Red Carpet

It's the 65th Tony Awards Red Carpet! Most of the people attending the Tony Awards don't live in Hollywood or attend red carpet events all that often, so while everyone dressed up, they don't have stylists and people doing their hair and lending them gowns. In this way, the people are a little more "real" and they look like normal people.

That said, I love several dresses on this red carpet not because they're designer gowns but because they look great on the people wearing them. Of course there are a few "what were they thinking" dresses as well. Sometimes I wonder whether those people actually own mirrors. Or check them before they go out.

Enjoy all the outfits after the jump.

Beth Leavel in Jovani Couture
This is one of my favourite dresses on the red carpet. The colour and silhouette are perfect on her and I love love love the texture combination of the plush velvet lined with the shiny, liquid silk charmeuse. I don't love the black shoes but the style is perfect.

Andrea McArdle
This simple curve-hugging silhouette with the sweetheart neckline and rhinestone straps works for her. The 70s-style hair, on the other hand, doesn't. 

Jill Paice
This slightly sheer, droopy, palazzo-pant jumpsuit is just a bit too short for her and is in desperate need of a belt to make this look interesting. Getting rid of the droopy sleeves and making the top more fitted would add much-needed balance to this look.

Judith Light in Alexander McQueen
That Farrah-Fawcett hair isn't really her best look. This dress with its neck and sleeve embellishments would be perfect if only it wasn't this particular shade of red.

Kate Flannery
Most people who are having their pictures taken on the red carpet will wear something flattering. Not our Kate: she's chosen a dress that makes her look like rectangle with skinny arms, a short neck, and a strangely-proportioned head. It's a brave choice. 

Edie Falco in Romona Keveza
Her boobs aren't loving this dress. Look at the poor things, trying to escape to her shoulders. The dress is lovely but not on her. Even if she had done something with her hair she couldn't have made this dress look good.

Kathleen Marshall
There's a certain bridesmaid-like quality to this dress, isn't there? As long as there aren't three or four other women standing next to her and wearing the same dress, this dress is fine. After all, it fits her perfectly and the colour works for her. I wish she'd done something less sloppy with her hair for the red carpet to help finish the look.

Nikki M. James in Giambattista Valli
Boobs don't normally grow above one's armpits like this. It makes her torso look freakishly long and her legs freakishly short. 

Patina Miller in Naeem Khan
The dress fits and it's definitely eye-catching. While it isn't exactly my style she's definitely working this dress.

Jennifer Damiano in Reem Acra
Ooooh, pretty! Even though he colour doesn't look all that great on her, I love this simple ballet-style dress. I especially love the yellow and silver colour combination on the skirt and the way the shoes match the belt.

Annabella Sciorra
Another too-long dress. I thought that these were going out of style? Maybe the people in NYC didn't get the memo on that. At least the rest of the dress looks all right. I love the pop of colour from the blue clutch.

Marg Helgenberger in Bottega Veneta
From a distance this dress looks awesome. Up close it's clear that the bodice is way, way, way too tight. Look at those wrinkles - they're not just from sitting down.

Ellen Barkin in L'Wren Scott
I gasped when I saw this dress during the award show. Aside from the fact that it fits her perfectly, I love the lace sleeves and the pleated lace forming the neckline.

Kayte Walsh (with Kelsey Grammar)
Most people are talking about how last year he brought his former wife to the Tony Awards. How people can are about that when she's wearing a too-long negligee (under which she needs a bra), I don't think I'll ever understand.

Victoria Clark in Catherine Malandrino
What saves this dress from being a boring black dress is the bodice with the grey-trimmed ruffles. They give sort of a superhero look to this dress, don't they? There's nothing boring about that.

Laura Benanti in Notte by Marchesa
A simple, grecian-inspired dress is a good choice for the event, especially when the colour is so good for her. Now, why didn't she do something with her hair? Straggly, everyday hair doesn't work so well for a formal event like this one.

Tammy Blanchard in Georges Chakra
Normally, a cowl neck top is flattering to the wearer. This one is way too stiff and there isn't enough drape to make this cowl neck work - probably because the dress is too small for her. Look how tight the sleeves are and how tight it is around her hips. Lucky for her, the colour is gorgeous against her skin.

Sutton Foster in Michael Kors
Officially this colour is called "olive" but to me it looks more like "baby poo".  This colour is terrible on her and on the red carpet. Even though the dress fits her and the style is a good choice for her, she should have left this dress on the rack.

Tyne Daly
I think I like the dress but I can't really tell because she has that scarf-thing wrapped around her. The colour of the dress is fabulous against her skin and with her hair. The scarf thing is not at all fabulous in any way, shape, or form.

Anika Noni Rose
I think she had some trouble with her stick-on bra thingies because her boobs are at different heights. The dress is nice enough although I don't like the look of a white dress with black shoes.

Donyale Werle in Garo Sparo
Apparently this is a mother-of-the-bride dress; all it needs is a bolero jacket and it'll magically turn into a wedding-party dress. I like the turquoise sheen, which adds interest, but this base "olive" colour isn't my favourite. She looks nice enough if a bit costumed.

Alexa Ray Joel
She's Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel's daughter and a singer in her own right - who knew? Her dress gives her some extra hips although I think that crazy top-head bun is helping to do that, too.

Christie Brinkley in Zuhair Murad
It's Christie "I want to be a Barbie" Brinkley! Isn't she loveable with her crazy hair and her pushed-up-to-the-limit boobs in this light blue dress? 

Brooke Shields in J. Mendel
Not only did she flub up her lines in the intro and swear while she was presenting her award, she wore a dress that made her hips look super-wide. 

Viola Davis
What's up with all of these women pushing their boobs up to their collarbones? Had she just let her boobs stay in the right place, they wouldn't have been so unhappy and she would have looked much better. 

Lily Rabe in Prabal Gurung
This is ok. I like the sheer sleeves although I'm not a fan of the neckline. Her hair kind of looks like it needs a good washing.

Tovah Feldshuh
I feel so bad for her poor boobs because they're trying so hard to escape out the top of her dress. Being flattened like that must be so painful. Meanwhile, her belly is being given room that it won't need until much later. At least the colour works for her.

Whoopi Goldberg
It's Guinan from Star Trek: The New Generation come to pay us a visit! Wait, what? Guinan was a character Whoopi played? But, but, but why is Whoopi dressed just like the character complete with the shapeless outfit and headpiece?

Malaak Compton-Rock (with Chris Rock) 
Layered skirts aren't new; a short skirt layered over a longer skirt with a train - now that's new. Attractive? Not so much. I don't think this look is going to catch on anytime soon.

Lucila Sola (with Al Pacino)
I had no idea that Al Pacino is 71. He sure doesn't look it although I can't really say that the thing on his head makes him look any younger. Sillier, yes. When you're with someone 40 years younger than you (who looks lovely in her lilac and grey dress), I guess you'll do just about anything to convince yourself that you're not really as old as you are.

Patti LuPone in Dolce & Gabbana
I wonder whether the dress is supposed to have the little shrug thing, because I think it would look so much better without it. nude-coloured pantyhose and white shoes would ahve been better than the black hose and shoes as well; as it is, the white skirt is a little too harsh.

Joanna Lumley in John Charles
I think this shrug is a separate piece; fortunately, it looks good with the dress and against her skintone. I'm not sure how I feel about the empire waist and pourfiness just below it. From a practical perspective, she'll be able to eat a lot of dinner without having her belly strain against her dress.

Candy Spelling in vintage Valentino
I wondered if she was related to the famous Aaron or Tori Speeling and yes, she's Tori Spelling's mom.  I don't know if it's the colour or the lace or the puckering at the bottom but there's something about this dress I don't like on her.

Katie Finneran in Halston Heritage
I like a lot of the Halston heritage designs including this one: it's a simple, classic design that flatters most people. And the colour is gorgeous on her. A bit of jewelry or a great blag would have finished the look. 

Victoria Lily Shaffer (with Paul Shaffer)
I had no idea that Paul Shaffer had a daughter; yet here she is. What a cute dress! It fits her, she looks great and well-put together. Perfect!

Hilaria Thomas (with Alec Baldwin)
She kind of looks like a kid next to him, doesn't she? She is 28 compared to his 53 although she looks much younger here, possibly because the waist of this dress is so low that she appears to be wearing her big sister's clothes.

Donna Murphy
I love love love this whole look and I wish I knew who made the dress. I know who did her hair (Leonard Zagami) and I know who made her jewelry (Fred Leighton) but I have no idea who made the dress - which is sad because I love this dress with the lightweight fabric, the floaty layers, and the colour. She's arrestingly beautiful here.

Susan Stroman
This is one of the least flattering dresses ever, I think. That heavy ruching from the knees to the shoulders interrupted only by a tiny indentation for the waist and paired with the lightweight mermaid skirt gives her the strangest shape. It's not unlike what the Michelin Man would look like in a dress.

Nina Arianda in Badgley Mischka
Pretty, if a bit too close to her skin colour. With her blonde hair she's just a tall skin-coloured column. The asymmetric tiers on the skirt are nice paired with the one-shouldered bodice.

Hannah Yelland in Maggie Norris Couture
As this one comes into view I love it.... until I see the ankles. I don't get it. The bodice and skirt shape are 50s-inspired and yet the length is wrong for the period and is unflattering. I do love the colour of her shoes, however.

Elizabeth Rodriguez in Theia
This is also one of my favourite outfits of the night. The colour is neutral and not too close to her skintone so she's not washed out. I love the lame fabric and draped silhouette (notice the belt which emphasizes her waist?) as well. 

Vanessa Redgrave in Donna Karan
The jacket is a touch too long for her. Even so, I love how powerful this suit is on her: she's queen of all she surveys and no one can forget it.

Martha Wash
Meee-ow! She is all kind of hot in this outfit! Her boobs are where they're supposed to be, the design lines emphasize her waist, the fabric drapes softly around her, and the embellishments on the shoulders and bodice draw the eye up. I love it!

Montego Glover
This pink looks a little girly although it is lovely against her skin colour. She has beautiful shoulders and upper arms that are perfectly emphasized by this dress (although it appears that her boobs are in the early stages of trying to free themselves). It's a safe choice for the red carpet. Safe is better than disastrous, right?

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