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MTV Movie Awards 2011 Red Carpet

The MTV Movie Awards red carpet is a bit different than the usual, more formal red carpets we see. Many of the women on the red carpet are young and have an eclectic or unformed style. Another way of looking at it is that there's a whole lot of crazy outfits on this red carpet.

So let's take a look, shall we? The pictures are after the jump.

Lil' Mama in Sherri Hill
At first glance I thought she was standing en pointe but it turns out that those are just platform shoes. Strange-looking platform shoes, but platform shoes nonetheless. The dress would be all right if her boobs weren't so squished. Many people commented on her wig but I like it.

Nicki Minaj in Versace Atelier vest and Gianmarco Lorenzi pants
She and Lil' Mama are wig opposites. I like the vest but something under it in addition to the ill-fitting bra would have been welcome. One's boobs aren't supposed to be lifted up to one's collarbone, after all. The pants could fit a little bit better at the hips, where they're pulling.

Ashley Bell in Club Monaco
This is definitely a cute dress and well-suited for the occasion. It fits her properly and doesn't look at all bridal. A bit more jewelry might have helped finish off the look.

Alexys Nycole Sanchez
Everything, from the flower in her hair to her dress to her shoes is perfect for the occasion. I love the dress on her. If only women two and three times her age could dress as well as she does here.

Fivel Stewart
If you're going to wear a metallic tube top, make sure it doesn't sag. The skirt fits but the top doesn't work quite as well.

Beth Littleford in H&M
The dress is just a bit snug around the hips but makes her boobs look awesome. Either those grey shoes or those black tights have got to go.

Cameron Diaz in Phillip Lim
Those are some mighty long legs there, even with those thick ankle straps. I don't know what I think about super-short romper shorts and high heels but I don't think it's a look I especially like.

Blake Lively in Michael Kors
With its narrow shoulders this dress makes her look pear-shaped. It's a great colour but I don't understand why she would want to make her hips look wider than they are. At least her shoes are awesome.

Liz Lee in Twenty Cluny
I don't love the look of leather dresses with combat boots but it works for her. It's an upscale version of what she might otherwise wear but it's still edgy. Love the teal streak in her hair.

Lenay Dunn in Alice + Olivia
Are Grecian-type dresses on the way out? Maybe. This one is cute and fits her. The shoulder strap ties belong more on a beach than they do a red carpet.

Terri Seymour
I want to reach through the screen and twist the dress so that the side panel sits more on the side than the middle. Between the ruching and the side panel location, she looks deformed.

Nicole Dabeau in Sayla Rachel Gilbert
Why did she take a perfectly good knee-length dress with triangular waist panels at the waist and hike it up so that the panels sit under her boobs? I don't understand these people.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Dolce & Gabbana
She must have been so determined to wear tiger stripes that she was even willing to wear long sleeves to a June event. Rawr. 

Elizabeth Reaser
There are a lot of very short skirts like this one on this red carpet. Each of these people must have assistants to  carry them up stairs and to pick things up for them because you know they can't bend over or take stairs without flashing everyone nearby.

Emma Watson in Marchesa
Finally, a white Marchesa dress that doesn't look like a bridal gown! I love the shape of the neckline and sleeves and the contrast of the silver embellishments against the white dress. This is one of the best head to toe looks on this red carpet.

Hailee Steinfeld in Louis Vuitton
We're seeing more and more pantsuits on women on the red carpet and I for one love this trend. This particular tux looks great and isn't too stuffy or old for her. The sequinned embellishments keep this look youthful, as does her long hair and cute turquoise bad. 

Emma Stone in Bottega Veneta
I love this look. Everything from the lace itself to the ruffle to the belt to the satin under-dress to the shape of the bustier to the bag to the shoes to the hair is flattering and gorgeous. 

Katie Cassidy in Catherine Malandrino
This is one way to wear a lace dress: with nude-coloured undergarments to give the illusion that the wearer is naked underneath. With her hair all messy like that, though, she looks like she's just strolled in from the beach.

Elle Fanning in Dolce & Gabbana
She looks like she's both trying to make herself look younger, with the romper with bloomer shorts, and older, with the tall wedge shoes. I feel weird looking at this. It's creepy. 

Lindsay Vonn in Pamella Roland
She's clearly got broad shoulders, a small bust, and wide hips in comparison to her bust. This dress is ok but not right for her because The fringe adds weight to the hips and there's nothing at all to draw the eye up. A halter top or raglan sleeve would have been better.

Alexa Vega
If only she'd worn the right size, she'd look awesome. As it is, it's too tight around the tummy and those boobs are trying their best to spring free. 

Gabriella Wilde
Those are some super-long legs. And some super-long feet. Plus a whole lot of fringe.

Selena Gomez in Giambattista Valli
If you're standing on your toes with your knees bent and your body leaning forward, your heels are too high. Being able to kiss the Biebs doesn't mean much if you can't stand in your shoes. Shoes aside, she appears to be dressing up in her mom's clothes so that she can go to work in an office.

Skyler Samuels
When she moves I imagine that she sparkles brilliantly. Standing still she's less dazzling, especially because her ruffles match her skin colour. Less matchy-matchy shoes would have made this look more interesting.

Brooklyn Decker in No.21
If she were a few months pregnant this dress would give plenty of room for the expanding belly; as it is, she just looks like she could be pregnant and wearing a sequinned dress complete with tucked-in bib. 

Nikki Reed in Heather
I'm in love with the bodice. I only like the skirt because it seems that the chiffon overskirt is an afterthought. Would it be better with shorts underneath? or a longer underskirt? or a shorter one? 

Lily Collins in Dolce & Gabbana
If you're going to wear an animal print, this is one good way to wear it. It's cute, fits her well, and the colours work for her. Now, if only she'd worn some more flattering shoes.

Nina Dobrev in Georges Chakra Couture
Some say that she looks like she's been wrapped up like a big present with all those bows. I say pshaw to them. The bows are an interesting detail and give the right amount of sparkle for the occasion. Those shoes are the perfect choice.

Julia Jones in Stella McCartney
I didn't like this at first but the more i look at it, the more I like it. Except for those shoes, which, the more I look at them, the more I dislike them. I might like this more if she'd worn a belt.

Ashley Benson in Matthew Williamson
Why are they taking a picture of a couch on the red carpet? Wait, what? That's not a couch, but a dress? Oh. Why would anyone wear couch fabric on the red carpet? It's not like she needs to bring her own seat to the event; they're provided for everyone who attends.

Kayla Ewell in J. Crew
What an adorable dress! It would be a bit better with nice flipflops than super-high heels (although I'm quite in love with those shoes).

Julia Kurbatova
Her expression is so fierce that I'm almost afraid to critique this outfit. However, I'm brave enough (or anonymous enough) to ask why she didn't change her clothes after finishing up her dance practice. Changing her shoes wasn't enough.

Erin Heatherton in Altuzarra
There's an odd dichotomy to this look. The dress hugs her every curve and is fresh and sexy, and yet the uneven hem and odd placement of shiny bits is kind of crazy. She must want to show off her weird side, in which case she succeeded.

Amanda Bynes in Herve Leger
It's a good thing she's wearing those teal fringed boots because then we can make fun of the fact that her feet look suspicious like those of a teal clydesdale horse and we might not notice how ill-fitting the dress is and how bad the colour looks on her.

Jessica Szohr in Alice + Olivia
People on the interwebs think this looks awful but I like it. It could use a black belt to bring in the waist and add some visual interest but the fabric and style are interesting and appropriate for the occasion. 

Tinsel Korey in Aurelio Costarella
There's not a whole lot of dress there to critique. I love the shoulder straps and bodice and I love the hem. The stiff in the middle - what little there is of it - is a little plain.

Amber Lancaster in Jad Ghandour
This galactic uniform is perfect: the shoulders are big and square and military-looking, and her boob-weapons are ready to spring free at a moment's notice. Pow! Pow!

Holland Roden in Jad Ghandour
Why carry a shawl when you can wear a mullet skirt? The skirt is easier to carry (if less attractive) than a shawl and can keep a person almost as warm.

Crystal Reed in Ina Soltani
I didn't know that this award show was a costume party but I can't find any other reason for wearing a stylized French maid costume. She's very sneaky, too, wearing those blue shoes that divert attention away from her costume.

Chelsea Kane in Maria Lucia Hohan
When you're a celebrity it's hard to find people willing to tell you something you don't want to hear. Like I said before, I'm brave and willing to say the unsayable: she forgot to wear her dress. I imagine something happened to her dress and it became unwearable so some "friend" said that she would be fine just wearing her bustier, slip, and petticoat.

Shay Mitchell in Ines di Santo
Here's a dress that fits, is a good colour, and seems right for the occasion. While she doesn't need many accessories, a bag or some jewelry would have finished this look.

Samantha Harris in Rachel Gilbert
Isn't she cute in her little ruffled dress? Obviously she hasn't heard that it's ok to not match the belt and shoes. In this case, the beige/skin colour doesn't work so well. A metallic would have been better. Another dress would have been better still.

Christina McLarty in Black Label by Robert Rodriguez
Is it just me or do a lot of the people on this red carpet have just a bit of a belly? I don't think they're all pregnant and I know they're not fat, so it must be the dresses they're wearing. Like this one, which is a great colour and fits her well but which seems to show off a tummy. 

Kristen Stewart in Balmain
Has the world as we know it come to an end? She's smiling! The dress has safety pins on it which suits her style. I don't think she means to show off her bra on the right there but at least it matches her shoes. 

Alyson Michalka in Ramy Brook
There's just too much fabric here: she looks like she's being swallowed up by yards and yards of fabric. The extra ruffles and panels and the string belt don't improve the look.

Leighton Meester in Balmain
There are very few people who would choose to wear something that makes them look like a rectangle. A sparkly rectangle, but a rectangle nonetheless. Maybe she was feeling bloated?

Chelsea Handler in Lanvin
While the dress fits, it's not as flattering as it could be with the wide shoulders, cowl neck, snug fit, and allover ruching. Of course her messy hair does nothing to elevate this dress to the red carpet.

Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen
How sad is it that she was there to receive a Generation Award? It's like she's old or something. Fortunately, she looks smoking hot in this animal-print dress - in fact, she looks better in this dress than many of the other people on this red carpet did.

Bryce Dallas Howard in J. Crew
She is pregnant so it's no surprise that she's wearing something loose-fitting. Unfortunately the lighter colour washes her out and the dress is a bit shapeless, but being pregnant she doesn't have quite as many red carpet options as others do. 

Aimee Teegarden in Alice + Olivia
Many people didn't like this because of the crazy colours but I love it. The stripes are interesting, the colour combination is unusual, and the style is cute and fun. It's really perfect for the occasion.

Troian Bellisario in Christoforos Kontentos
Oooh, this dress is adorable! The neckline and sleeves are especially flattering. She must be a tiny little thing, though, because she's made her hair so tall.

Shaun Robinson in Nicole Miller
At first I liked this dress but then I looked at it more closely and I realized that the bodice appears to be slipping down. And those shoes are too heavy.

Louise Roe in Louise Roe for HSN
While I like this style of dress in real life because it's got volume and is flowy, in the picture she has no waist. And those leopard-spotted booties aren't something I find all that attractive.

Ashley Rickards
I am in love with this skirt with the stripes and chevrons and pleats... it's awesome. The top is plain but it's a perfect counterpoint to the skirt.

Roma Downey
Without that print all we'd see is her boobs so I guess we should all be happy that the dress is made of this printed fabric. The style would be lovely in a solid colour.... if it wasn't trying to cover those sagging boobs of hers.

Britt Robertson
Although she looks a little like she's been out strolling all day, I rather like this whimsical maxi-dress. What is it with the messy hair?

Skylar Grey
Yes, she's wearing a leather apron and combat boots. But she's not stylish in the usual sense; she has her own style and she stays true to it. Besides, she's wearing leather.... and that's like dressing up, right?

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