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2011 Cannes Red Carpet - days 10 - 12

We've come to the end of the Cannes red carpet posts! It's been quite a journey, hasn't it? Thank you all for your comments about these posts as I put a lot of work into them and knowing that you like these posts makes that work worthwhile.

I've especially enjoyed putting together these posts for you because there's so much diversity on this red carpet. The people featured in these posts come from all over their world and so we're getting a glimpse into international fashion.

Enjoy the final three days of the 2011 Cannes red carpet outfits after the jump.

Day 10 (May 20, 2011)

This Must be the Place premiere

Claudia Schiffer in Chanel
While ice-skating skirts are a surefire way of covering up a sheer dress, they look kind of out of place. like here. I'm not against short skirts over long ones but only if the end result isn't a dance costume.

Lady Victoria Hervey in Addy van den Krommenacker
Wearing a fan on your back means that you'll never be too warm. And if she's too cold in this miniskirt, she can just wrap the train around her. 

Courtney Love
Is that the actual dress she planned to wear? I wouldn't be surprised if she was so out of it that she stopped getting dressed after putting on her slip. I guess she should count ourselves lucky that she's covered up at all.

Clotilde Hesme
She didn't do the makeup right - isn't she supposed to be wearing half a top hat with a drawn-in moustache on the pants side? 

Eve Hewson in Chanel
if you want to make your waist look wider, the best thing to do is to wear a dress whose waist is just a bit too high and put fringe on the waist seam. It's guaranteed bulk with almost no work!

Pascale Arbillot
It's an ok dress. I'm having trouble figuring out what to say about this because it's perfectly nice and it fits her. I don't know what I think about the ruffle but it looks ok. 

Daniela Lumbroso
Why does this bodice fit and look so bad? Is she not wearing the right bra? Did this dress originally come with straps but she decided to take them off? We may never know. 

Gwen Stefani in Armani Prive
That single black line is striking and I love the top bow thingy over her boobs. Had the dress not included the bow above the waist it would have been jaw-droppingly gorgeous but as-is it's ... ok.

Faye Dunaway
How wide are her shoulders?!?!! Most people who have wide shoulders don't try to make themselves look like a linebacker by further widening their shoulders. Then again, it's Faye Dunaway so if she wants to look like a linebacker, who am I to say it's wrong?

Roberto Armani
She's the niece of Giorgio Armani and apparently she works for the company so I imagine that this is an Armani dress. She's got a normal body, it seems, because she has a bit of a tummy which is emphasized by the shiny sequins. I tell you, shiny fabric and embellishments show off every lump and bump. This isn't always a good thing.

Fiammetta Cicogna
In the wrong length this could look like a sundress but because it's floor length and has a train, it's clearly a red-carpet dress. It looks so fresh and bright and perfect for the occasion.

Delphine Cheneac
Oh, wow, she looks fierce! I say that as someone who doesn't actually like that phrase but  it perfectly describes her look from her hair and makeup to her clothes to her shoes. I love the hint of belly peeking through just above the waistband together with the deep neckline from the vest. The colour from her shoes also adds just the right amount of colour and interest to this look. If only we could all pull together something this amazing this easily!

Rosario Dawson in Roberto Cavalli
Oh yes, I'm tired of the fishtail skirt. While I want to dislike this dress because of the fishtail skirt, I can't dislike it too much. Sure, the cream accent lines aren't as slimming as they could be, but the dress fits her and the colour works for her.

Anja Rubik
What a lovely black thong she's wearing! I can only assume that she wanted everyone to know that yes, the dress really is sheer. I don't know what she's wearing under the top but if she'd worn the same under the whole dress what would be the point in wearing a sheer, sequinned dress? And what lovely sequinned embellishment it is, too.

Day 11 (May 21, 2011)

La Source Des Femmes

Ximena Navarrete in Gucci
I'm a huge fan of dresses like this with one sexy focal point - here, the slit-to-there skirt - and the rest covered and form-fitting. The back is very low as well which makes it sexy from the back, too. Apparently she was the 2010 Miss Universe winner and people on the interwebs are saying that she looks old. Compared to her plasticky photo-shopped publicity stills, she looks naturally beautiful which I think some people mistake for "old". 

Katia Toledano (with Sidney Toledano)
He's CEO of Dior so I imagine that the dress she's wearing is Dior but I have no confirmation of that fact. It's a nice enough dress but it isn't as flattering as it could be. She's got a normal body with a bit of a tummy and this dress emphasizes it through the loose, horizontal ruching. The ruching is smoothed out over the largest part of her belly, drawing an arrow right to that spot. Had the ruching been tighter and covered the entire skirt it would have been better.

Daria Strokous
Isn't this a lovely asymmetrical dress? The colour is a bit orange for her colouring and the dress would make anyone else look big but since she's a model, of course she looks amazing.

Elena Lyadova
The embellishments at the hem have a lot in common with bridal gown embellishments. If the dress didn't have the cap sleeve on the one side it could easily be mistaken for a bridal gown but luckily the sleeve is there. I love the way the dress fits her; it shows off her figure and gives her hourglass curves.

L-R: Guest, Leila Bekhti, Raid Mihaileanu, Biyouna, Hiam Abbass, Sabrina Ouazani, and Hafsia Herzi
I don't normally like to work with photos of many people at once but there are no individual pictures of these women and the pictures of the pairs of them overlap. So we'll make do with this bigger picture.

Guest: It's very bright and yet suits her. I love how it's flowy and sort of casual but still formal.
Leila Bekhti: I love the embellishment on the shoulder, which brings the eye upward. However, I wish the contrast fabric didn't just end at the waist because it makes her abdomen and hips look bigger.
Biyouna: I love the brooch but it's oddly placed with the fringe loops. I like the fur stole as well although I can't imagine the weather would necessitate it.
Hiam Abbass: The sequins are lovely but the dress.... not so lovely. The neckline is a bit strange; I want to make it more curved instead of straight. The dress is also a bit short.
Sabrina Ouazani: It's a cute, kicky, short prom dress.
Hafsia Herzi: Why do the folds on the bodice go sort of horizontal? It makes the dress look strange on her. The colour is also a bit too close to her skintone and washes her out.

Virginie Silla (with Luc Besson)
Why is she wearing her younger sister's party dress? Everything about this dress, from the pink underskirt to the belt to the silhouette, is too precious for this event.

Isabel Suplicy (with Elie Charouqui)
Even though this dress seems quite plain (and is a touch too long), I love it. There's something about the sheer layer and the silhouette that is so flattering on her. 

Elodie Bouchez
This dress reminds me of a cross between a 20s flapper dress and a 50s sack dress. The colours are beautiful against her skin and I love the black velvet embellishments against the lighter, drapey dress fabric. The dress does make her hips look a tiny bit wider than they are but it's still a lovely, flattering dress.

Day 12 (May 22, 2011)

Les Biens-Aimes

Kirsten Dunst in Chanel
I don't love this. The shredded skirt, which both narrows and becomes less dense towards the hem, makes her hips and thighs look heavy. It may be that the sequins on the bodice shine brightly and balance out the skirt but that kind of light and movement can't be captured in a photograph. And those shoes are way too dark and heavy for this dress.

Uma Thurman in Armani
Sleek, sexy, and gorgeous. It fits her so well and shows off her sleek figure perfectly. The colour is amazing on her as well. This is a perfect choice for her.

Cecile de France
I've seen some amazing full-sleeved one-shoulder miniskirt patterns and dresses and this isn't one of them. The sleeve is more like a cape than a sleeve and the dress is a bit too tight on her. 

Catherine Deneuve
She's beautiful and has the figure of a normal person. While she looks lovely in this dress, she could have looked even better if the jacket was a bit different. Some shoulder pads would have helped to straightened out her shoulders and arms. More importantly, had the jacket been a bit longer and come in at the waist at either the sides or in the middle, her waist would have been a bit better defined and would have given her a more hourglass figure.

Maiwenn le Besco
At first glance I thought that her arm was inside the bodice of her dress, but no, it's behind her. It's an interesting dress in a Flashdance sort of way but it looks kind of sloppy, too. Thos shoes don't work with this dress at all; they're too heavy and go too far up the ankle to be attractive here.

Elodie Bouchez in Chanel
Oh, wow, this is gorgeous!!!! The gold embellishments add just the right amount of interest and definition to this dress. They outline the dress in such a way as to show off her gorgeous figure and work with the alllover dark blue sequinned fabric. Note the length of this dress: although it's shorter than floor length, it doesn't look too short. 

Angela Lindvall in Arzu Kaprol
From a distance this looks like just another black, sequinned dress with interesting bodice cups. Up close we can see the details that make this dress so interesting: the vertical non-sequinned lines, the feathered hem, and the sheer yoke. Everything works together to create a unified, lovely look.

Liya Kebede in Lanvin (with single Lanvin glove)
It appears that the bodice has broken free of her hair and is sagging down. Fortunately the single, embellished glove is gaudy enough that it would take attention away from any wardrobe malfunction.

Rosario Dawson in Roberto Cavalli
This royal blue made a huge appearance at Cannes. It's a colour I love and I think it works for most people. The design lines of this dress with the different sequinned directions creates an unusual look. I love the way the sequin design extends onto the sheer lower skirt; it's an unusual touch and one that creates a smooth transition between the two fabric types. The only thing I don't like is the shoulder strap, which creates a shape that contrasts witht he rest of the dress.

Jane Fonda in Emilio Pucci
Here's another body-hugging, completely covering dress. The style is gorgeous on her and I'm in love with the embellishment at the hem but I think this colour doesn't quite work for her: it's a little too close to her skin tone. she looks better in jewel-tones than this peachy-pink.

Karolina Kurkova in Robert Cavalli
This dress is ok but there's something weird going on at the waist. There's a horizontal sequinned band just above the waist and then the fabric seems to be gathered into that band, creating a poufy bit right below the waist. The waist band also shortens the bodice, making her already-long legs look much, much longer. 

Marisa Peredes (with Edgar Ramirez)
The bow on her shoulder draws our eyes right to her face which is a good trick to know if you don't like any part of your figure. However, this particular colour doesn't work with her hair or colouring; she would have looked gorgeous in blue or green instead.

Ludivine Sagnier in Louis Vuitton
She seems to have thought that if she didn't hem the dress it would look like it had a train, but she can't fool me. This dress is too long. The straps at the neck have a strange shape that doesn't really go with the dress. Then again, the matte and sequinned sides don't really work together, either, because the matte jersey side is a little lightweight compared to the stiff sequinned fabric. 

Berenice Bejo (with Michel Hazanavicius)
This is one of the sexiest dresses on a pregnant woman that I've seen: this dress hugs each and every curve and is super-short. There's something sexy about her showing off her belly this way. shoes in a different colour would have looked better but who's noticing her shoes?

Alexandra Lamy (with Jean Dujardin)
I don't know who designed this black sequinned dress but it's one of the most attractive black sequinned dresses on this red carpet. The keyhole neckline is flattering and sexy but doesn't show off too much boob (and there's no danger of a wardrobe malfunction) and the shoulder straps are particularly flattering on her. 

Caroline Scheufele
Those criss-crossing gold straps look strange, I think because they start too high under the arm and are too close to the boobs. They also end too close to where they begin, making the waist look wide. Of course it would help if she was wearing a proper bra but I don't think that would be enough to make this dress look awesome.

Julie Gayet
When wearing something for the red carpet, make sure it fits. This dress is a little loose at the bust and looks a little bit sloppy. I love the shoulder cutouts and the necklace, which both draw the eye to her face.

Leila Bekhti
We've seen a few black suits on the red carpet and of them all, I think I like this the least. The jacket looks too big for her frame and appears sloppy. The suit lacks details that would make it look unique or interesting.

Linn Ullmann (L) and Martina Gusman (with Mahamet-Saleh Haroun)
Yes, the dress on the left is a mullet dress... but it's more interesting than just a mullet dress. I like the multi-layered approach to the skirt because it adds interest although it is a poufy. I love the gold dress on the right with the diagonal sequinned bodice and drapey skirt. It fits her perfectly and is beautifully flattering to her.

Melanie Laurent
What a cute, summery dress! Without any jewelry or accessories, this whole look doesn't look all that formal (except for the fact that it's too long). I see her wearing this while going for a walk on the beach after a romantic dinner date.

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