Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes

I'm in need of new shoes. I'm sure there are those that'll disagree with me on that because some might say that I already have a lot of shoes. It's true that I do have a lot of shoes but I can't wear all of them because they have high heels.

Of course I don't need just any shoes. I want a pair of those cute, flat, strappy, gladiator sandals that are everywhere this season. Last year you could only find them in the fierce high-heel variety but flats are coming back in a big way. Yay for me!

I especially love each of these pairs....
Kenneth Cole Reaction "She's a Gem" Sandal

Kenneth Cole Reaction "Sparkling Gems" Sandal
Alexander McQueen
Even at half-price, I can't afford these... but
they're gorgeous, aren't they?
Guess "Artly 2" Sandals

Jelly shoes are back, too. Remember them back in the 80s? How hot and sticky they'd get, and how they could give blisters, but everyone had them. I wonder if the current technology is more comfortable than they were back then? If so, then these pairs would be awesome, too :)
SM Swirly flat
Stuart Weitzman "Beadles"


manchester fat acceptance said...

oooh nice! ruby just got gladiator sandals too, in flats! i'd sure like to get some new shows too. curse having big ugly hobbit feet!!!


Robin said...

I love the gladiator sandals too :) I don't have a pair yet but maybe soon...

And jellies!! OMG they're back?!? I hope they are more comfortable then they were in the 80s, and more intricate patterns would be nice too.