Monday, April 26, 2010

Fabric, fabric, fabric

Over on the right I've added the etsy mini application, which shows my favourite things on etsy. I've filled it with some of my current favourite fabrics by Naomi Ito for naniIRO by Kokka Japan. Most of those fabrics are double gauze and all of them have this artistic hand-painted look that appeals to me. Each of those fabrics is about $20/yard which is quite expensive since I usually buy two or three yards of fabric at a time.

As well, I'm not sure what I'd do with any of those fabrics... as beautiful, artistic, and unique as they are, they're not patterns I'm used to using. The designer has put out books with ideas for using her fabrics but I find that most of the clothing designs are boxy and would be unflattering.

Those aren't the only fabrics I like, of course. I bought some fabric on sale and it arrived today. I'm in love! I've already decided that I'm going to make some kind of sundress with black accents out of this fabric:
Silk/Cotton/Lycra twill from Gorgeous Fabrics
Isn't it gorgeous? I'm so completely, totally, utterly in love with this fabric. It's fairly lightweight and it looks less like a twill than a faille, almost, but either way, the weave gives the fabric the slightest sheen. The fabric gathers and pleats so well and has a floaty quality - but it still has body, and the tiniest bit of stretch. Since it was on sale, I bought four yards of it... I can hardly wait to make it into something.

If only I had unlimited money and could buy all the fabrics I ever wanted... and I had ideas for them all. And I was able to make everything that was in my head quickly. That would definitely be the life :)


manchester fat acceptance said...

silk/cotton/lycra? wicked!!!! love the colours.

p.s. the widget is on the left of the screen. it would only be on your right if you were actually *in* the computer monitor facing outward lol.

Chantelle said...

I always get right and left mixed up :) It used to be on the right in the old layout so that may be where I got the idea that it was still on the right.

Of course from my perspective, you're all in the monitor facing outward. :)