Thursday, April 01, 2010

Eating out for my birthday

One great thing about birthdays is getting to go out for dinner. This year I got to go to two different restaurants. Yummy!

Last night Ian took me to Olivier and Bonacini for my birthday. This is a new restaurant that opened up at the mall and I've been curious to see what it was like. I liked the decor; the ceilings were high and it felt spacious. The kitchen was open and you could see into it. The restaurant had a number of tables that seated five which I thought was quite unusual. I was surprised to see all of those tables filled... with five people. So I guess there's a market out there for tables of five - who knew?

The good was pretty good. I had a burger (one of their specialties) and it was very tasty. The outside was charred and yummy and the inside was tender and also yummy. The coleslaw had way too much cumin in it, but the rest of the meal was fine.

Ian had rack of lamb with gnocchi and it was also very yummy. The gnocchi was delicious, as was the lamb. There was a strange apple chutney that tasted sort of unusual but the rest was yummy. The prices were also quite reasonable - definitely more reasonable than what we paid the other night. The food was better than the other night's, too. We definitely recommend this restaurant and hope to go back sometime.

Tonight a friend of mine took me to Baker's Cove, a seafood restaurant. We had the most delicious fish and chips; they offer a choice of cod, haddock, and halibut for the fish and regular batter, rice batter, or grilled fish - the latter two are options for people who don't tolerate gluten. We each had the halibut: I had regular batter and my friend had hers grilled (I think). The fish (and chips - hand-cut potato fries) was delicious. We followed this delicious meal with a very yummy handmade key lime pie. I also recommend this restaurant for fish and chips (and key lime pie) - they do takeout, too.

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