Monday, April 05, 2010

What a gorgeous day!

The weather is still gorgeous here; it rained early this morning so the sky was clear and the air was fresh. Ian had today off as part of an extra-long weekend and we spent some time out walking this afternoon. We could have just stayed in and played video games (he plays, I watch) with the windows wide open but it was so nice that we just had to get out and enjoy the weather. It won't last forever, after all: it's going to cool down this weekend.

The winter we had was very mild and basically non-existent which is fine with me. We didn't get a summer last year, either, so not having winter is a reasonably fair price to pay for that. I hope that it doesn't end up way too hot this summer; staying about where it's been with little to no humidity would be perfect.

My back is feeling a little bit better - I can get up off the couch with more of an ache and less actual pain - but it's still quite sore. I wish I knew what had caused the pain in the first place and how I could make it better. I figure that walking is good for my back because it's fairly gentle and I find that it limbers up my back. I hope I'm making the right choices so that my back continues to get better.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

glad to read your back is not so bad as it was the other day. hope it improves steadily - i wonder what caused the pain?

i'm going to try calling you again tonight, so i hope you are available. if not, i'll keep trying!