Monday, April 19, 2010

A new Doctor in town

I don't know how many of you watch Doctor Who, but a new season has just started. We'd recorded the first episode and watched it this evening.

They've gone and changed a lot about the franchise, from the logo to the theme music to the TARDIS (inside and possible the outside) to the executive producer to the writers. Of course the Doctor has changed as well. I don't know if I'm going to like the changes - I really liked the old Doctor and the writing.

I guess this is how fans of the original show felt when it was re-introduced a few years ago. Would the Doctor still be the Doctor? Will the writing be ok? Will the aliens be right?

One change that I noticed at the very end of the last season and in this first episode of the new season is the music. I'm noticing that the music is much more obvious during important scenes than it used to be. Maybe it's always been like that and I've never noticed it before, but it seems to be more intrusive than it used to be. I hope that they're not trying to Americanize the show by making the show flashier. Part of its appeal is that it's so British :)


Anonymous said...

I noticed that about the music as well ... the incidental music has always been there but it is now being used more as a plot device than ever before. It is louder and more involved - that's my take on it anyhow.
It's great that you like Doctor Who too ... the things that we overlooked when we were younger ;)

Miss you,


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I do not like the 'New Doctor'...I watched the first showing to give it a chance, but sadly he is no MR Tennant...