Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shopping for new things for Easter

Almost everybody likes to have new things for Easter. Spring is springing and it's nice to have a new thing to bring in the new season.

I really will get around to sewing a new thing for me, but in the meantime, I've been looking at new beads and stuff. One of the suppliers from which I occasionally purchase beads is liquidating all of their inventory. Everything was 40% off a couple of weeks ago and now is 50% off. Not only that, I got a coupon code for an extra 15% off from another site. The price might go down even further but I don't know how far down the prices will go.... or whether the coupon will last long enough to be used with a greater discount.

So of course I want to just go and buy, buy, buy. I started by going through all of the listings and adding anything that I thought I might like. That total came to $1250 (before the 15% off coupon), which is obviously too much to spend. I started taking things away and I've got things almost to a reasonable number. Most of what I have in my shopping cart is findings as opposed to beads. At these prices, the sterling silver stuff is well below the current silver prices. I've also been thinking of using copper for some designs because some colours go well with copper. The copper is much cheaper than sterling silver.

The most expensive item in my shopping cart is a strand of opal round beads. They're quite small at 5 or 6mm but they appear to be good quality. I've been hemming and hawing about buying the opal, because I love it, but there are other types of beads that I could buy for the same price.

Clearly I need to think about whether I want to buy all of this stuff. There are of course other beads and whatnot that I'd love to buy from other sites and I have to be sure that I'm going to get the best value for my money. 50% off isn't a bargain if I don't need or couldn't use the stuff, right?

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