Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More movies for me

Has anyone else noticed that there's not that much on tv these days? The shows that are on right now are shows that both Ian and I watch and since he's gone, I'm not going to watch them until he gets back.

So I watched movies today. Yay for movies!

First up was Apt Pupil, a movie we've owned for a while but that I've never seen. It's based on a very good novella by Stephen King. I haven't read the story in quite a long time, but it seems to me that the movie and the book were different. That doesn't mean that the movie is bad - in fact, like other adaptations of King's shorter works, it's quite good.

The movie is about a high-school student who discovers that someone in his own community was part of the Holocaust. The boy confronts the man and demands that he tell him about what really happened then. The telling of these things changes both of them, of course, in believable ways. I enjoyed the movie although there were a couple of scenes that bothered me. I know that no animals were hurt... but while I can watch just about any atrocity to humans, I can't watch anything bad happen to animals. Aside from those scenes, the movie was quite watchable.

Also look for a supporting performance by Fringe star Joshua Jackson. If that fine-looking gentleman isn't enough reason to watch this movie, I don't know what is. :)

The second movie is one I watched On Demand, called The Chair. It's about a haunted house where the spirit of a man first scares, and then possesses, a Master's psychology student with a history of mental illness. The movie is quite spooky even if it feels a little slow in the middle. There's hardly any blood or gore, either. For the most part, the movie is quite subtle and depends heavily on the lead actress. She does an ok job of it - the viewer can clearly see the difference between the normal and the possessed psychology student.

I did find some of the ending parts of the story somewhat unbelievable... I might have missed the clues before, but some of the things that happened at the end didn't seem to make sense and seemed to come from out of the blue. I might watch it again tomorrow just to see whether I really did miss some clues. Even though the end is weird, the movie is watchable and interesting and I'd recommend it.

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