Monday, April 06, 2009

Finished with the jewelry... on with the sewing

I delivered the finished necklace and earring sets to the bride this afternoon. I'm quite pleased with the result, especially because the final product looks almost exactly like the sketch. The first picture is the design (done by laying out the beads in the pattern) and the second is the actual necklace. They don't have the same background because they weren't taken under the same conditions, but you can see see the important stuff.

The big oval beads are dyed mother-of-pearl, the light teardrop briolettes are mystic blue quartz, and the other two dark beads are apatite. These beads, especially the mother-of-pearl with its swirls of colour, will go perfectly with the turquoise bridesmaid's dresses. The bride also wanted something that would be suitable for a beach wedding AND be wearable after the wedding. I think these pieces fit those requirements, too.... not to mention that the pieces are lovely. :)
Now that I'm done with this project, I can get back to sewing. Yay! I didn't work on any of that today but I hope to get some stuff done tomorrow. It's going to be a busy week; Ian's got an appointment Wednesday morning and I have Pamidronate Thursday morning. And of course the Easter Bunny comes this weekend :) As long as I don't sleep my afternoons away, I should be able to make some headway on the dress for the trip next weekend. I hope.


manchester fat acceptance said...

wow! so beautiful! i'm impressed!

Stephanie said...

They are beautiful Chantelle. The bridesmaids are lucky to have you for a designer!

Robin said...

Wow! You are so talented! They are so beautiful :)