Friday, April 03, 2009

Much about nothing

I should have more to talk about today because in theory, I would have done stuff. But really, all I did was go to the store to get milk and cereal... and that's not much of anything.

Sure, I played with the jewelry for the bridesmaids a bit, but I didn't finish anything. I don't like the way that I'm connecting the beads in the necklace right now. I'm using rings at the three-way points where I have things dropping below the necklace itself but I don't like the look. I wish I had some silversmithing knowledge because I think I might like to have solid circular plates with tiny holes to which I can connect each of the three points. I'll have to think of something else. I'm not without ideas and I'll have to do some experimentation tomorrow to get it looking like it does in my head.

And yeah, we watched a DVD that came with Just After Sunset by Stephen King. The DVD is a moving-comic version of N., one of the stories in the book. While it didn't follow the story word-for-word, it did a good job of conveying the creepiness of the story. The story is about a ring of stones that contain something from another world... unless someone views the stones, in which case one of them disappears. But only people who've heard about the stones can get to see them. The idea behind the story - that there's a secret field where only people who've heard the secret can see it and people who hear the secret are compelled to go the  field - is very cool in a House of Leaves kind of way.

Aside from that... I got nothing.

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