Saturday, April 04, 2009

Finally, a design

I finally figured out exactly how to do the necklaces for the bridesmaids. As you know, I was having trouble with the 3-way or Y connections; I didn't know how to attach a drop to a beaded chain and still make it look good. My first thought was to attach each part to a closed loop but that didn't look right. So this morning I went looking for some type of connector, but the only ones I found that I even remotely liked were $2 each, and I need 20 of them. Scratch that.

After some experimentation I figured out a way to use some small spacers I have. The wire I'm using is very fine (26 gauge) because one of the stones in the design has very tiny holes, and I can fit three of those wires in the hole on the spacers.

I've finished two of the necklaces this evening and I'll do the other two tomorrow. The earrings won't take any time at all.

Tonight we watched Zombie Strippers!, a movie about strippers that become zombies and end up being super-strippers. They get lots of attention and guys coming to the club, and they have stripper battles and stuff. There's a lot of funny dialog and funny lines. You might be surprised to know that there's also a lot of nudity, a lot of stripping, and a lot of gore. If you like all of that, you'll love this movie. :)

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