Sunday, June 17, 2007

Visiting and some movies

I spent a great day visiting today. First I saw a friend of mine for coffee, which was fun :) Later on, we went to my aunt's place for dinner. She'd been in hospital a couple of months ago for a few weeks but is doing quite well these days. I was very glad to see that :)

After that, my parents and I tried to watch a movie and we just weren't able to get through even one. We started off with Happy Feet, which I kind of liked but which was slow-paced and had too obvious of a story line. Then we tried Alpha Dog but we weren't able to figure out what was going on so we stopped watching that. Finally we tried Ghost Rider but we didn't find the beginning bit all that interesting and I couldn't figure out when it would get better. At that point, we gave up :) We ended up watching tv instead.

Tomorrow will be my last day in Edmonton. I've very much enjoyed my time here and I'm very, very glad that I came. I'll be sad to leave, because I like spending time with my family and wish I could stay longer, but I'm looking forward to seeing Ian again.

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