Friday, June 15, 2007

Shopping with my sister

I saw my sister today to do some bead shopping and hang out. It was fun spending time with her; I really enjoyed it.

The first bead store had a lot of high-quality semi-precious beads that I couldn't afford and a pretty big selection of glass beads. I bought some glass beads and some hanks of black bugle beads. I think I'm going to make another fringed-type purse for the holiday season. Yes, I'll be doing more beaded fringe at some point :)

The second store had a special on where if you buy three strands of semi-precious stones you get four free. I'm not one to turn down that kind of offer! :) I bought seven strands of beads and spent quite a bit - I was able to buy some stones at a quality that I usually can't afford. I bought some onyx briolettes, some breathtaking labradorite faceted rectangles (the facets bring out the flashes of colour), faceted rainbow moonstone ovals, aqua jade (the most expensive strand), rhodochrosite nuggets, snow quartz briolettes, and peruvian opal. They are beautiful - I can't wait to use them!

The second store was called Bedrock Supply. If you're in the Edmonton area, I'd highly recommend them; they not only have a fantastic selection of semi-precious stones, they have all the tools necessary for lampworking and have display items, too. They are a very good all-around bead shop.

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