Saturday, June 02, 2007

A fun shopping day

I decided to go shopping today because, well, I love shopping. I went to the largest Winners in the area and tried on a bunch of things. I ended up buying four more shirts, two of which have lots of printing and sparkles on them. I have a thing for lots of printing on shirts. And sparkles. I share some qualities with crows.

I also bought some shoes :). They have a 4 1/4" heel with a 3/4" platform, are red patent, have a stacked wood sole, have a comfortable peep toe, and are slingback. They are these shoes (with leopard coat and black tights); I guess they're not part of the current collection because I can't find a better picture, but that's ok. These shoes are amazingly comfortable. I walked around in the store wearing them for about 30 minutes and my feet weren't rubbing anywhere, there were no incipient blisters, and the bottoms of my feet weren't getting sore. I think I will be able to wear them for a whole evening :) I love love love love love love love love them, although they aren't the most practical purchase I've made. then again they're not the most impractical purchase I've made, either.

I hope I can find a place to wear these fantastic shoes. After all, what young woman doesn't need a pair of sky-high red patent shoes? :)

I managed to make a bunch of earrings today. I very much like the teardrop structure that I used for these Waves of the Ocean earrings. There's something about this particular arrangement that really works, isn't too regular, and has a lot of interest. It's also not immediately apparent what the structure is, which I really like. Anyways, I spent the evening making a bunch of earrings using the same pattern for the bottom drop part. So I've made a bunch of earrings that have an interesting, colourful drop. I'll make some simpler, cheaper earrings tomorrow.

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