Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shopping in Edmonton

I had a fun and relaxing day with my parents. I showed off my beads (which, together with my suitcase, weigh 41 pounds) and we had fun looking at them.

Then we went to Michael's to get some yarn - my mom has generously offered to make me a sweater out of yarn that I have. I have Bernat Satin yarn which is super-soft, and she's going to make a sweater out of that. The sweater needs additional colours for a fair-isle pattern which is why we needed the extra yarn. Then we went to Fabricland to get some fabric for a current project. They had a great selection but the world's slowest people. It took us fully 25 minutes to get our fabric cut and to pay. That is just ridiculous. At least we got out of there alive. :)

I feel very relaxed and at home here, and I'm very glad that I came to visit. I'm looking forward to spending some time with my parents during the rest of the week, too. I will be seeing my sister and some friends of mine, but I'll spend the majority of my time with my parents, which is what I wanted.

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Anonymous said...

YAH!!! I am so glad that you are happy and it's feeling like home! Hope we get a chance to see each other.