Saturday, June 16, 2007

No blisters?

Today was pretty relaxing; my parents and I ran some errands in the afternoon which was fun. I didn't want to interrupt their routine too much while I'm here, as it's disruptive enough having someone stay with you.

Later on I saw a friend of mine for dessert and we hung out a club called Suede. I wore my new red shoes, and when you're wearing shoes like that, well, you have to go out and show them off, right? The club has a bunch of white couches for seating and has pretty nice decor. I think it targets a slightly older (25+ ?) demographic. I stood around in my shoes for over an hour there before my feet started to say anything, and I could have stood on them for a lot longer before my feet would hurt too much. I was able to walk around in these shoes, too. I think they're winners :)

I didn't get any blisters on my feet, either :) I used a product called Band-Aid blister block and it really worked!!!!!!!!! There were a couple of spots that I was sure would give me blisters but my feet are fine. I highly recommend this product.

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