Monday, June 18, 2007

Home again

I'm home now. I didn't sleep much on the flight in and so I was very tired today. I did sleep for most of the day, meaning that I didn't go to lunch or to Well-fit. I had trouble staying awake even through tv shows I like.

I am happy to be home with Ian but sad to have left my parents. I would have loved to stay longer, if I could have, but I've got all those appointments this week.

I guess I'm nervous about the appointments (the first one is tomorrow). We've had trouble with our internet going down between 8 and 9pm over the last six months or so. The first couple of times it happened I talked to tech support and they sent it up to second level support, who fixed it. This time (and the last time, come to think about it), I talked to tech support in India, and they're just not as good at dealing with issues. They have a checklist to go through - which includes deleting cookies and temporary internet files - and nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is going to stop them from going through that checklist.

I'm afraid I lost my temper with the person I talked to and with the supervisor I talked to. I just got so frustrated - I knew that I had called before but they didn't look back in my records to see what happened before. The people in this office don't make decisions for themselves which is probably why second-level tech support won't accept calls from them unless they go through their ridiculous checklist.

I want to cancel my Bell Sympatico internet account. I'd rather not have to deal with technical support list that. Unfortunately, Rogers (our other option) has bad internet service. They split the service amongst all subscribers in an area, so they tend to be slower. I wish we had a third option.

Wish me luck on my appointment tomorrow. I guess it's better to know what my bone scan showed, right?


Tibcat said...

I wish you could have stayed longer as well but my thoughts will be with you tomorrow. Love, Mom

Darling Jee said...

I have to say that I find Bell's tech/customer support better than Rogers. My cell phone is with Rogers and my high speed internet with Bell. Both of them make me very angry and frustrated but there aren't really any other options :( So I just sit here and fume and refuse to sign a contract with either.