Saturday, June 09, 2007

The show

It was a beautiful day for the show - sunny and mid-twenties with a light wind. Unfortunately I was very sick today and we had to leave by 11am. My tummy wasn't feeling so good when I woke up so my breakfast was light.... but we had to stop on the way to the show because I had to be sick. Once we got to the show I was sick every 15 minutes to a half hour. Basically, my system was trying to expel everything in it one way or another.

I don't remember the last time I was sick like this. By the time we left I wasn't able to make it to the toilet (well, portalet) to throw up, and that scared me a lot. I can remember that happening when I was a kid, but not since then, not even when I was drinking. To make it worse, the craft show didn't have flush toilets - only portalets - and there was no way to wash up (not to mention that I had to use the one-ply toilet paper). Had I been able to wash up I might have stayed but I felt grimy and sick and icky and wanted to go home.

Fortunately, Ian was able to set up my shop and to take care of it. He's been taking care of me as well, which has been pretty easy because I've been sleeping a lot :) I'm on a fluids-only diet now and I seem to be keeping everything in ok. I still feel a bit queasy, and I don't want food, but I think I'll live. I'm determined to be better in time to go to Edmonton on Monday. This means that I probably won't go to Well-fit on Monday because I'm so weak and I'll definitely take it easy tomorrow.

At the show, apparently someone took my card to talk to me about wedding jewelry, and a friend of mine bought a couple of pieces. I don't need to make much now since I have a lot of stock :) Watch for new things on my store in the next while.

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