Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yesterday's doctor's appointments

In all my hurry yesterday to talk about what I wish other drivers did, I didn't mention the result of my doctor's appointments.

I saw the surgeon that did the oophorectomy first, and this will apparently be the last time that I see him. That's good :) I got to see the pictures he took of my insides, too. That was kind of cool :) My insides look normal, I guess. I don't watch the operation channel on tv, so I don't know what "normal" insides really look like.

I also saw my family doctor. My insurance company will be sending return-to-work forms in January so that I can take them to my oncologist when I see her on February 2. Of course my family doctor is the one that does all my forms - if I can't even go to my oncologist for pain, I'm not going to have her fill in forms for something involving my whole self, not just my cancer. Anyways, I was telling my doctor that I'd have these return-to-work forms, and he said that I wouldn't be going back to work. When I told him that I wanted to work, if I could, he amended his previous statement, and said that when the time came, he'd ask me. If I said yes, then I will be going back to work. He also said that I was under a lot of stress, and that I should make sure that I wasn't going to be stressed by going back.

So I thought about this a bit today, and I'd still like to go back to work. However, I'm not sure that I want to work for my old manager. I'll have to think about this some more because this is a big decision - I want to be absolutely sure that I'm doing the right thing.

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