Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flu shots

Flu shots have finally arrived in our region. Usually they're here in October, but they were delayed this year due to production delays. Fortunately, they're here now.

Ian and I are both at high risk for the flu - me because of my asthma and cancer, and Ian because of his high blood pressure (and because we each live with someone who's at high risk). Ordinarily we would get our flu shots early, just because we are high risk, but our doctor won't have any until the end of the month. We also wanted to get the shots early because Ian has arthroscopic knee surgery on December 7, and neither of us can be sick then.

We were able to get our shots today. We went to one of the flu shot clinics that our region operates - it was only the second day of the clinics. The lineup wasn't very long at all, and so the whole thing took only a few minutes. Neither of us is feeling any real side-effects from the shot. Hopefully neither of us will get sick.

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