Saturday, November 11, 2006

Taking care of myself

Ian is juggling at the Cornell juggling festival this weekend, so I'm on my own until tomorrow night. I try to do things right, but, well, he's better at taking care of me than I am :)

I haven't been drinking much caffeine lately, which is a good thing. Last night I had a Diet Coke after curling, and I ended up awake all night and sleeping until 2pm. This was not a particularly smart thing to have done, and it wouldn't have happened had Ian been here :) In my own defense, I was really tired at the time, and thought it would help. It did.... just for longer than I thought it would.

I also forgot to carry my painkillers yesterday and so didn't take quite enough of the Oxycodone. I could have gone back to get them, but I thought I would be ok. I was wrong. I'm paying today for not having the painkillers yesterday - I've had a bit of pain, because the painkiller levels in my bloodstream have dropped. The bisphosphonates and Femara aren't helping much yet - but then I think that it takes a couple of months for these treatments to work.

As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm looking forward to Ian's return tomorrow :)

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