Sunday, November 19, 2006

More shopping

You know how when you introduce a new piece of furniture to a room, you often need to rearrange that room? The bookcase we bought yesterday needs a home, and we're thinking that it should go into the living room. However, there's no room at present for a new bookcase in that room.

We did some thinking, and we've decided to move the exercise bike downstairs from the living room. It's not really a good piece of furniture for a living room, anyway, and will free up quite a bit of space. The reason that it's in the living room is that we like to watch tv while using the bike, and there's no tv downstairs.

So we went out and bought a new flatscreen tv for the living room, and we'll move the other tv downstairs with the bike. The new tv is HD ready, in case we ever get around to getting HD. We did think about getting an LCD tv, but we felt that the resolution wasn't any better than the flatscreen tv we bought and so wasn't worth the additional cost. The new tv is working out quite well :)

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