Sunday, September 03, 2006

Winter hobbies

I was thinking about my winter hobbies today. Last year, I curled in two leagues and also took bellydancing. I could easily fit all of those hobbies into my schedule this fall. Part of me still wants to be able to do all that, but I think it might be better to not overload myself. Also, the fees for all of those activities are due in the next few weeks, and I've only got a guaranteed income for the next couple of weeks. If my long-term disability is approved, then I won't receive a payment until mid-October.

Anyways, I've decided to only curl on Fridays, although I won't send in my form until after I get the biopsy results on the 14th. I can probably pick up the Thursday curling league in January, since they're almost always short of people. I can also take bellydancing again in January since there will be more courses offered then. If I had to choose between a second curling night and bellydancing, though, I'd choose bellydancing for some variety :)

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