Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random happy thoughts

I'm feeling better about the Spirituality and Healing support group. I'm not a religious person at all, but I think I consider myself a spiritual one. I also felt much more welcomed in the group today - I felt that people listened when I shared, and I really appreciated that.

Today we talked about how terrible times can turn into blessings. There are many people who've had cancer or another major illness that say that the illness is the best thing that happened to them. They say that it forced them to stop and think, and to live more in the moment; that they enjoy life more and seek out experiences that they like. They cull out negative people and influences in their lives, and tend to fill their lives with positive people and influences. I think that this is true for me - I've been happier since my first cancer than I had been for years prior to the cancer. I don't know whether I would have been quite this happy had I not had the cancer.

And even though now I've most likely got metastatic breast cancer, I don't see this as all bad. I'm lucky, because my cancer is driven by my hormones and so we have a lot of treatment options ahead. The hormonal treatments that we're going to start with work for many people for quite a long time before they have to go on to something else. By the time things become more serious, I'm sure they'll have even better treatments than they do now - and people with much more serious mets than mine are living for years now due to the current treatments :)

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