Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Saw my family dr today

My family doctor has taken me off the Duragesic patches because I'm getting blisters when I take the patch off. It isn't surprising that I'd have some reaction to the adhesive (I have trouble with adhesives), but blisters are really weird.

Anyways, he's now put me on Oxycodone (aka OxyContin), which is a time-release version of the narcotic ingredient in Percocet. I'll still be taking the Percocet as needed for breakthrough pain. So we'll see how this goes. I don't know what we'll try if the Oxycodone doesn't work, but I'm sure we'll try something.

I will be very, very happy when we finally figure out a set of painkillers that works and that doesn't have many side effects.

The biopsy has been scheduled for September 25, and I'm supposed to get the results from the oncologist on October 13. Does that seem like forever to anyone else? They're putting me in as routine and not urgent, which is really frustrating. Some people (like, say, me) might think that someone who's 37 and who's faced with a recurrence and possible bone mets should perhaps be considered a more urgent case. But perhaps I'm biased :) Or maybe the hospital needs a third classification - so they could have "urgent" (for those people who are in dire need of the service, and who are in danger of dying), "routine" (including elective tests and people who are definitely not in danger of dying), and maybe something like "semi-urgent" (not in imminent danger of death but not elective or routine, either)?

My family doctor also said that if they don't get results from the new biopsy that we'll just go ahead and remove my ovaries. So we're most likely looking at the oophorectomy towards the end of October.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it does seem like a long time and in terms of mets cancer a couple of months can be forever. Is there no way for you to get higher up on the list? It would seem that someone who had already waited on the list and had the procedure which was not successful shouldn't have to wait on the list again to have the procedure repeated. Something definately wrong here.

Love, Mom