Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ian's away

I drove Ian to the airport today. He's off to Las Vegas for a bachelor's party and will be back on Monday morning. I'm so jealous - I'm sure he'll have a great time there :)

The driving tired me out quite a bit, though. It was rush hour on my way back, and I'm not used to rush hour traffic in Toronto these days. I ended up taking a roundabout route home so as to avoid the major 400-series highways, which were jam-packed with cars not really moving at all.

At least I have a new sewing project to keep me occupied while Ian's away; I'm going to make a lined blazer and skirt. I bought some gorgeous rose-brown stretch crepe and some pinky-brown flowered satiny fabric for the lining. I've finished the pattern adjustments for the skirt and will start on the adjustments for the jacket tomorrow. I hope the pieces turn out ok - I'm making some style changes to them to better suit me. Hopefully I know what I'm doing :)

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