Friday, September 29, 2006

Why am I so tired?

How can I be so sleepy? For the last couple of days I've slept a lot. I slept for over 13 hours last night, and I could have had a nap again at 3pm. I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

I figure that must be coming down with something. I don't think that I'm depressed - I'm still interested in doing things, and I'm happy and positive most of the time. As well, the biopsy area is healing up well - there's no sign of infection or anything - so I don't think that it's the cause. My painkiller usage has also stabilized to reasonable levels - 0-2 Percocet and 4-6 Oxycodone per day. I know I was really tired when I was taking a lot of Percocet, but I'd think that with the stabilized usage that I wouldn't be so tired. I could be wrong, I guess.

Here's hoping that I'll be less tired starting soon :)

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Anonymous said...

This might be a stretch, but I think you may be tired because, well, you're not 100% healthy at the moment. Plus the biopsies. And chronic pain itself is exhausting.

Sleep is good. Don't feel bad if you spend lots of time asleep. You're body is talking to you about what it needs, and that's okay, right?