Sunday, September 24, 2006


We saw Jet Li's Fearless today. It was really, really good. The story was plot were very well thought out and were easy to believe. The fight scenes was of course beautifully choreographed, since the choreography is by Yuen Wo Ping (who also choregraphed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Iron Monkey, The Matrix, and others). It appears to have been sort of based on a true story; at least, the Chin Woo Athletic Organization that was founded in the film really does exist. I wonder if the rest of the story is true.

Apparently it is Jet Li's last martial arts epic movie. Does that mean that he won't make any more Hong Kong martial arts epic movies, but Hollywood ones are ok? Or is he really done with martial arts epic movies and will be doing other kinds of movies from now on?

I'm less fearless about the biopsy tomorrow. I don't want to go through it again... sigh. But at least it'll be over tomorrow. If the results are inconclusive again, when we're not going to do any more biopsies, we'll just do the surgery. Still, I just want all this testing to be over so that we can start treatment. I'm looking forward to feeling better - which I will, once treatment starts.

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