Thursday, March 17, 2011

Walking, walking, walking

It feels like spring is really on its way here. The temperature got to positive double digits today and almost got there yesterday and everything is melting. The world looks so much taller without a foot or two of snow covering it.

After last night's metalsmithing class, I saw that I had some time to wait for the bus. So I walked to the next stop.... then the next one... then the next one.... until at one point I watched the bus rush past me. Oops. I guess I could have run for the bus but there were slippery sections on the sidewalk and it was so nice out that I figured I could just continue walking. I've always loved walking at night and I don't often get a chance to do it, these days.

I kept mainly to one or another bus route on the way home, figuring that they would be safer, and got home about an hour after I left the first bus stop. I was tired but exhilarated from the walk. I did have a tough time getting to sleep because even though I was physically tired, exercise at night can keep me awake. I forgot about that.

Unfortunately, I was a little too tired to really take advantage of today's warm temperatures. I'd planned to go for a walk today since it was going to be so nice. I did open up the patio doors while I had breakfast so that I could hear the birds chirping. It'll be even better when all the birds are back and there's a lot of chirping but I liked listening to the birds that were there.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that our basement is better now. They weren't able to put in a new sump pump liner because the old one was concreted in (apparently that's unusual) but they did everything else. The noise wasn't nearly as bad as we'd feared it would be and they had disposable earplugs for us anyways. There was a fair bit of dust left behind and under their protective mats.

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