Saturday, March 05, 2011


We watched a couple of movies tonight: Baghead and Teeth.

Baghead is an indie movie about a group of four who are trying to write a movie about a guy with a bag over his head that terrorizes them. At some point the writing of the movie becomes confused with the events that occur. Maintaining that fuzzy line between the movie and the movie within a movie makes this interesting to watch. It helps that the actors wee good, that there was no soundtrack, and that most of the movie was shot on a handheld camera.

Baghead has horror elements but it's really more of a drama/comedy. There are quite a few funny moments throughout the movie. Most of these funny moments are related to typical, real-life events. The way the people interacted with each other felt very natural and real.

Teeth is a horror movie that also has funny moments. In it, a teenager who wants to save herself for marriage is "blessed" with vagina dentata that bite whenever they're near something that makes them (or her) not happy. This should have been a funny movie but the pacing was off. Most shots were just a bit long and the editing also made each scene longer than it should have been.

The acting was also lacking as were some of the special effects. For example, it was clear that the tattooed guy's tattoos were drawn on because they were sharpie dark. I don't know anyone who darkens their tattoos like that and even new tattoos aren't that dark. I also couldn't tell whether this movie was set in our universe or in an imaginary one because no one was behaving naturally. There were also a whole lot of shots of the nuclear power plant but the nuclear power didn't play a role in the movie.

Of the two, Baghead was definitely the better movie and the one I'd recommend. Teeth isn't really worth watching unless you really love horror movies. Even then, some men may be uncomfortable watching some scenes in the movie (the teeth didn't just bite fingers off).

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