Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who needs an internet connection? Me!

Upon arriving home after a pleasant afternoon with friends, I did what I always do - plunked myself down on the couch in front of the laptop and checked mail and looked at some favourite websites.

I watched as the connection got slower and slower and finally died. I was able to ping some sites at first but eventually nothing got through. Looking at the modem, I saw that the DSL light was mostly off or flashing and I knew that this didn't bode well.

I called the provider and they are sending me a new modem. This means that I'll be without internet for at least two days until it arrives. ARGH! I'm typing this on my blackberry (I'm not totally without options, here) but I can't do all of my normal surfing on it - checking mail, yes; surfing through multiple sites, no. So if I don't post anything on this blog for a couple of days, don't be surprised.

I miss my internet already.

UPDATE: my internet is back! Yay!!!!! At least it's here now :) I'm wondering if the problem is our modem or if it's something to do with the lines that their stuff didn't catch. I know we'd had problems before with the internet cutting out like that, but they'd never offered to send a new modem.

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