Friday, June 20, 2008

Chipmunk naps

We have the cutest chipmunks in the backyard! This afternoon a chipmunk was trying to find a good place to sleep. First it did some digging:

Then it had a little snooze:

And then a streeeeeeetch:

Finally, a stretched-out rest:

Those pictures are not bad, considering that the camera was still on manual :)

Ian's home now. He took a look at my rash and said that a) I hadn't described it properly to him and b) I should have seen a doctor. The rash has got lots of red hot itchy angry-looking bumps that now have a diffuse border where the previous pain patches were. Note that those patches came off before I had Pamidronate and the rash appeared about 24-36 hours after the patches were taken off. I did talk to the pharmacist today and she said to put cortisone cream on them. That's what I'm doing. Thanks for all of your help and suggestions, everyone.

Anyways - it's nice to have Ian home :)

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