Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Too many patterns, nothing to do

I was trying to figure out which pattern(s) I should work on today. To do that, I put all of the vintage patterns I've bought together and looked at them. I looked at the patterns, then over at my fabric, and back to my patterns. Sometimes I'd pick up a pattern and look at the back and then I'd put it down again. I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I know that I have a few more patterns that will be arriving soon and I was sad that I might have to wait until one of those arrived before I could play with the patterns.

So I went back upstairs and surfed the internet for a while. After a while I decided that I would take one of the dress patterns that I love and modify it so that it'll look good on me. I'll use the top of this pattern and put a straight skirt on it instead of this flared skirt:

Honestly, I'd love to make the dress as shown, but a skirt that gathers in to the waist just makes me look like a chubby kid. I don't have either the height or the willowy waist to carry off the skirt volume. Still, I love the top and I think that it would look awesome on me, so I'll just change the skirt and hope I come up with something good.


manchester fat acceptance said...
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manchester fat acceptance said...

I think that pattern would look lovely on you I agree that the top is perfect for you, but I also think you could pull off either a poufy or straight skirt!

I looked through my patterns; sorry but I seem to have sold all my 1950s patterns. I am left with an odd assortment of 1970s and 1980s patterns. What was I thinking when I bought those?! I have started using them as packing material...