Tuesday, June 03, 2008

End of my scan-o-rama

I got a pleasant surprise at the CT scan today. Instead of having to drink the "tasty" barium drink for the abdominal CT scan, I only had to drink 1L of water over an hour. That was much tastier and easier on my empty tummy.

The CT scan went smoothly, because really they're just taking a few images and all of the readings and interpretations are done after. I ran into a couple of the people from my Spirituality and Healing group so we had a great time. I wonder what the other people in the waiting room were thinking when we were talking about the finer points of metastatic breast cancer. It isn't a conversation topic that can be heard in very many places, that's for sure.

I was very tired this morning because I'd over-caffeinated myself yesterday and didn't sleep well last night. Therefore, I had a two-hour nap this afternoon and am looking forward to sleeping soundly tonight.

I'll tell you, I'm glad that the scans are over for now. It can be hard to go through the scans because there's an underlying fear about what they're going to show. Now that the scans are over, I can put them out of my head until results day.

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