Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yellow tulips

The people who lived in our place before us had planted some kinds of flowers in our front patch. For the last couple of years the only thing that showed up were big green floppy leaves. This year the conditions were just right and for the first time, we have gorgeous yellow tulips growing there. What a nice way to start the summer!

I must be getting better at sewing because I don't have to rip things out or redo them much anymore. It takes a lot less time to make something if I don't have to sew each seam at least twice :) It has taken a long, long time to get to this point and there are certain things that I can almost guarantee that I'll have trouble with - like collars. But I'm getting better at those, too, and over time I hope to improve even more.

I know that I've been obsessed with sewing and dresses (50s dresses..... sigh) but believe it or not, I have had a few ideas for some jewelry. Yes, really :) I haven't been making much of that lately, as I think you know. I'm hoping to get back to that, a bit, because I'd like to get the designs out of my head and constructed. Not that I've photographed or listed the last couple of pairs I made, of course, but that doesn't matter. The point is to get stuff made. :)


Darling Jee said...

I have a question. You know how much I loathe stretch jeans? Well, I finally ripped two identical holes in both pairs of my non-stretch lab jeans. Both in the same place in the crotch! It's from all the squatting and bending in the lab :( Anyway, I was thinking of patching them with duct tape for the summer. But maybe you have a better idea? I can't find non-stretch jeans anywhere anymore and that makes me grumpy.

Laura W said...

I can show you a trick for turning collars neatly and quickly, but it is defintely a *show* thing, not a *tell* thing, so we'll have to arrange to cross paths some time. Maybe tea at Tim Horton's one day?